explore one of Glasgow’s most iconic landmarks

WELCOME TO Glasgow Central Tours

On the Glasgow Central Tour you will be given an exclusive, behind the scenes look at Glasgow Central Station. You will walk in subterranean passageways beneath Glasgow’s streets, visit railway vaults that drove Glasgow’s industrial expansion to become ‘The Second City of The British Empire’, hear tales of the famous and infamous who have travelled the tracks and stood on the platforms of Glasgow Central Station.

From the Platforms to the subterranean Vaults

Stop and listen. Can you hear them? Can you hear the voices of the past, whispering their tales. Woven into each pillar.

The Central Experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity. On your tour, you’ll be given an exclusive, behind the scenes tour where you’ll walk in subteranean passageways, deep beneath the streets of Glasgow.



Clutha Ferry 1st railway Bridge

Across the Clyde

What a fantastic image of a Clutha ferry bringing passengers into the city centre. It can be seen approaching the first Caledonian Railway lattice bridge that linked the Central Station on the north bank of the river Clyde with Bridge Street Station on the south bank. Built by Sir William Arroll in 1878. The bridge supporting piers were cast iron caissons su...


Reviews of the Tour

Customers give us their view of Glasgow Central Tour Experience Fascinating tour on so many levels – fun tales of celebrities who have passed through the station, railway history, history of Glasgow, tragic stories from World War 1 and an engrossing insight into the scale and infrastructure of the facility. We look forward to the extended tour when more hidde...