explore one of Glasgow’s most iconic landmarks

Glasgow Central Tour

The tour explores parts of Glasgow Central Station that passengers and visitors never see. You will meet on the M&S side of the Mobility Point in the centre of the main concourse. You’ll be given basic safety equipment to allow you to visit these rarely accessed areas.  Take a tour and take a step back in time to experience this iconic Glasgow landmark like never before!

  • Tour FAQ’s

    tour faqs

    The tour explores many parts of Glasgow Central Station. You'll find yourself walking through tunnels, boiler rooms and darkened basements. Tour details and information What to brin Read more...

  • The Architecture

    engineering beams

    From an overcrowded congested station in 1879 to one of the most beautifully designed iconic buildings of its era. The architecture and engineering of Anderson, Matheson and Miller make Read more...

  • The Vaults


    Explore the dark corners of Glasgow Central Station's subterranean sprawl below the streets of Glasgow. Walk down winding stairwells, turn sharp corners and before you know it you’ll f Read more...

  • The Victorian Platform

    View the old Glasgow Central Railway Victorian Platform below Glasgow Central Station. Platforms for suburban railway lines that ran from the west end of the city to the east end and inc Read more...

Spooky goings on ...

Glasgow Central Station has many stories of unusual happenings and occurrences in the dark recesses of the station but are they true. Here’s what Britain’s oldest paranormal organisation had to say: ‘during our night at Glasgow Central Station, some events are beyond explanation at present. Our hearts were racing, we had an impression of people bustling about…’

Dare you venture below to find out ?




Below are some reviews from people who have taken the tour and gave us their comments on how much they enjoyed the experience!


We think you will love your visit, but don’t just take our word for it!

“world best tour”

I have been all over the world looking at historic buildings and took part in many historic tours. However today I was on one of the best visiting Glasgow Central Train Station going underground with Paul. His knowledge and sense of humour was down to earth and easy to follow. Paul made it interesting. I haven’t stopped talking about it and hope that I can bring my family in the future. I hope the tour is for evermore. Another icon in Glasgow.

Visited February 2017

Glasgow, United Kingdom

“Fantastic tour of Central Station”

A really interesting tour of a local landmark. Our tour guide, Paul, was an absolute subject matter expert and he really brought the history of the station and its users over the year to life. Kevin, the IT guy, was also really helpful. We’d love to do the tour again as new features are being added as they are being discovered.

Visited October 2016
Tess B


Stop and listen. Can you hear them?

Can you hear the voices of the past, whispering their tales. Every rivet, cast iron pillar and girder tells the stories of the people who created this magnificent building.

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Glasgow Central Station is the larger of the two main-line railway terminals in Scotland’s largest city. The station is currently one of 17 UK stations managed by Network Rail. It is the northern terminus of the West Coast Main Line.

With over 38.9 million passenger entries and exits between April 2011 and March 2012, Glasgow Central is the busiest in Scotland and the second busiest outside London.

Glasgow Central Station was opened by the Caledonian Railway in 1879 on the north bank of the River Clyde. There were eight platforms linked by a railway bridge over Argyle Street to Bridge Street station on the south bank of the river. At its earliest the station was congested and in 1890 a temporary solution, that of expanding the bridge over Argyle Street and constructing an additional station platform, was completed.

However it took until 1901 before further development work on the station took place in order to solve the congestion problem. A solution that works well to this day.

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