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Read all about it! Read all about what our tour visitors have to say. These are the ‘spoken words’ from our tour visitors after they’ve been shown around the depths of Glasgow Central Station.

“world best tour”

I have been all over the world looking at historic buildings and took part in many historic tours. However today I was on one of the best visiting Glasgow Central Train Station going underground with Paul. His knowledge and sense of humour was down to earth and easy to follow. Paul made it interesting. I haven’t stopped talking about it and hope that I can bring my family in the future. I hope the tour is for evermore. Another icon in Glasgow.

Visited February 2017

Glasgow, United Kingdom

“Fantastic tour of Central Station”

A really interesting tour of a local landmark. Our tour guide, Paul, was an absolute subject matter expert and he really brought the history of the station and its users over the year to life. Kevin, the IT guy, was also really helpful. We’d love to do the tour again as new features are being added as they are being discovered.

Visited October 2016
Tess B

“History beneath our feet”

This visit was exceptional mainly due to our guide Paul whose knowledge and passion about the subject made the tour exciting and enjoyable. One minute he had us laughing at one of his many little anecdotes and the next minute we were moved to tears over some harrowing accounts of Scottish history. He was amazing, the tour was amazing and not only will I go again but I would recommend to everyone.

Visited December 2016

“The best attraction in Glasgow”

If you only do one activity during your time in Glasgow make sure it’s this.

Don’t be put off thinking this is going to be a boring tour full of facts and figures about trains. This is about Glasgow and it’s history and its people, with Central Station at the heart of it.

You won’t find a tour with a more passionate or knowledgeable guide.

Book this asap and experience a hidden world and history that you won’t believe exists below your feet.

Visited December 2016

“Well worth a visit ”

My husband and I did the central station tour on Saturday having originally bought this as a gift for him as he’s interested in architecture and history. However the tour blew us both away! The tour guides passion for the building and its history made his knowledge and stories fascinating with some making you laugh and others bringing a tear to your eye. We can’t wait to return to see what the lower ground station looks like when it’s restored further and we’ll definitely be doing the rooftop tour. Can’t recommend this enough to both Glaswegians/Scots and to tourists, such an interesting experience!

Visited November 2016

Glasgow, United Kingdom

“Tour of The underground complex at Glasgow Central Station”

The whole experience was absolutely fantastic, especially our guide.
He managed in a period of 75mins to cover not only the history of the building of this incredible building but also explained in very detailed manner how the history and development of industrial Scotland from the Highland clearances through the Industrial revolution is intwined in the fabric of the building.
His explanation of the role the underground platforms in returning the dead & wounded from the First World War was particularly moving.
I cannot recommend this tour any higher, if you do nothing else in Glasgow do this.

Frank Woods

Visited October 2016

“Second Tour – We will be back!”

Another amazing tour at Glasgow Central – this is the second one we have attended as we were eager to see the new Victorian platform. Paul is an excellent tour guide, he is captivating,funny and the fact that he has a genuine love and interest in the subject matter shines through – I am not sure another tour guide would do it justice – Paul makes the history come alive! I brought my Gran (77) and my sister (12) along and we all thoroughly enjoyed it – it’s a tour for all the family. Hearing about the plans to expand the tours sounds great and we will definitely be coming back to see more! I would highly recommend – if you haven’t done it yet get booking!

Visited October 2016

Glasgow, United Kingdom

“Fantastic tour!”

I can’t rate this tour highly enough, absolutely fantastic! The history of the building is astounding and Paul’s (our guide) knowledge and passion was clear to see. Paul’s sense of humour is fab and even through the more serious notes in history that he relays are hard to think about he does so with real sensitivity. He has some great plans in terms of restoration for the future and I will definitely be booking again in a few months to go back. Def book in for this tour, you won’t be disappointed!

Visited September 2016

Mariam A
Glasgow, United Kingdom

“Explore part of Glasgow’s past”

A genuinely excellent experience, these tours are not to be missed. As someone who was born and brought up in Glasgow, I’ve been in Central Station hundreds of times, but never below it. Paul (the tour guide) is excellent – very informative, passionate and truly funny – and the tour itself, fascinating. You get to see not just what made the station tick but are taken back in time across several areas, to get a feel for what it used to be like for olden travelers; a rare ‘attraction’ in Scotland as I’ve never seen anything like it in this country before. Really, really good – would recommend it to anyone, and would go again.

Visited September 2016

Iain S
Ayr, United Kingdom

“If you only do one thing in Glasgow, do this.”

Just been on this tour for the second time and it is fantastic. The knowledge that Paul Lyons shares gives a fascinating and very real insight of not just the station, but Glasgow as a whole. No script, no pre-rehearsed lines, just a wonderful wealth of knowledge presented with a super sized dose of Glasgow humour. If you choose only to do one thing in Glasgow, this is not to be missed.

Visited September 2016
Kilwinning, Ayrshire

“A historical, a special and a clearly emotional insight to an important part of the rail system in Glasgow”

Without doubt this was a rather special visit below the Central Station of Glasgow. Apart from a delivery by our host, which was honest, humorous and very informative, it outlined a story of this station which was fascinating. It embraced the birth, evolution and importance of the rail system of Glasgow. But it was also a story of human energy, strength and emotions. The tragedy of the highland clearances, the Irish famine, the impact of the Great wars on Glasgow and Scottish people, the impact of commerce and the importance of rail communication (the Victorian Internet) were chartered in this visit and how they all played their part in the emergence of the Central Station—- Magnificently outlined by our Guide.
This was a high value tour, at reasonable cost but certainly all too short. It will remain a memorable trip for a very long time.

Visited August 2016

Felixstowe, United Kingdom

“A Glasgow Gem!!”

There is so much in the beautiful City of Glasgow that isn’t apparent at first to the visitor – or even to those who have lived in the City all their lives.

Look up and you will see beautiful buildings all around with intricate stonework and lots of history (like the hidden gem that is Trades Hall in Glassford Street – apart from the Cathedral it is the oldest building in Glasgow still used for its original purpose!). However, on this occasion it was a hidden gem beneath the City – the rabbit warren of passages and tunnels below Central Station.

Since being on the Tour last week I have raved about it to everyone I have met. The tour guide, Paul, is a living legend and fountain of knowledge who informed and entertained and fired up our enthusiasm for the incredible work he is single handedly doing to keep the history of Central Station alive – and it is doubly important because it is not only the history of the Station but of Glasgow as well.

I look forward to doing the Tour again in the future and recommend it to everyone!

A Brown
Deacon – Incorporation of Bakers of Glasgow
Visited August 2016

“A must for All Glaswegians and Tourists :)”

Visited today (Wed 10th Aug) with my Dad, this is one of the best Tours I have been on and really opens your eyes to old Victorian Central Station.

Paul the Tour Guide was just brilliant, with fantastic knowledge of the history of Central Station as well as loads of info on Glasgow and Scotland and this comes through in this tour and made it so interesting, along with his sense of humour, jokes and stories – we both loved it all.

Looking forward to visiting again to see the Victorian Platform restored – this will be worth another a visit as it was fascinating.

Thanks Again for a fantastic tour.
Liz R (and Dad James)

Visited August 2016


A fascinating tour of Central Station underground. Interesting facts about the station and the history of Glasgow. Brilliant!

Visited August 2016
Isle of Jura, United Kingdom

“Second time doing the tour and still loved it!”

This was my second time doing the tour, I enjoyed it so much last year! Fantastic to see the stairs have been installed – I love seeing the progress Paul is making. He’s an incredibly passionate and knowledgeable man, and the tour has the right mix of serious information and entertaining stories. I’m hopeful the Victorian section will be restored as I can’t wait to see it!

Visited August 2016

“interesting and informative”

This tour is really interesting and Paul who takes the tours just loves what he does. he has a real passion for the history of both the station and Glasgow. i wish we could’ve seen more of the station. we went to a Victorian platform which is going to be restored to its former glory. Paul’s stories are great and he makes them really interesting. will def go back again to see progress.

Visited August 2016


I’ve been on this tour twice now and will definitely be going back again! Was just as engaging the 2nd time round with lots of progress made on what there is to see, as the historian / guide Paul continues to work on revealing more of the Victorian platforms. Interesting and atmospheric, the tour is delivered with real passion and lots of laughs! Can’t wait till the next time!!!

Visited August 2016

“Tour of central station”

As part of a ladies’ group who had travelled from Ayrshire for this tour I was particularly interested as I have been visiting Glasgow Central since childhood. Our tour guide was a fabulous story-teller who brought to life the history of the station with superb enthusiasm and reality, and a touch of comedy also Paul you are a star.
Benny M
Glasgow, United Kingdom

“Really inspirational.”

Honestly the passion and enthusiasm of the tour guide made this tour incredible. The station itself is really interesting, it was great to hear about the history and architecture and the people who lived and worked there. It actually made me proud to be Glaswegian.

Visited August 2016

Elisabeth G

“Well worth it! ”

So I dragged the teenagers out of bed for the 9am tour. Absolutely wonderful. Even the teenagers were captured by the history and story telling. Well worth a visit. Excellent…we will be back!

Elizabeth A
Houston, Scotland, United Kingdom



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